Welcome to Dryden Street Quilts!

My name is Gloria and I am a novice quilter and I’ve been making quilts for about five or six years. I first learned to quilt when I was a littler girl and my mom sent my sister and me to Bernina Sewing camp. I learned to make a pair of pull-on shorts and a scrappy quilted zipper pouch. After that, I didn’t sew again until I moved into my first apartment. I was broke and in desperate need of curtains and napkins and other bits of apartment stuff. My mom had been saving my grandmother’s old Singer and once she gave it to me, the rest was history.

Before quilting, my primary craft hobby was knitting. I love to knit and taught myself when I was quitting smoking. I’m a painfully slow knitter, but it’s more the process than the finished product that has interested me in the craft.

However, I’m also impatient and machine quilting seemed to be the right next step. I’m particularly found of the modern movement in quilting, but it was a series of fiction books by author Jennifer Chiaverini that lit the spark. Her books focus on characters who do traditional quilt making, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a modern girl.

I try to make several quilts a year and most of them are throw size or smaller. My goal is to create a queen size quilt for our bed AND quilt it on my home machine. Yeah, I know. I laugh at that goal all the time.

Anyway, welcome to Dryden Street Quilts. I hope you’ll be inspired and find something to quilt of your own.


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